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Dec 2, 2013 9:00pm EST
much do i have to do. you don't have to argue about you're going be setting standards on carbon emissions. is exciting stuff to have this memo sitting there and you a tougher row to hoe. >> its's a remarkable opportunity. of any 't have thought other way to be in better position. to me, the epa, to get done what think have been essentially acessary for this country for long time. >> except the state implementation plan. talk a little bit about how you foresee that unfolding. epa can set the standards. but the plans are really sort of all of this. and i know as a former state hadcy head and i'm sure you the same experience, that's not lways easy to do at the state level. >> it isn't. that's one of the reasons why e've been starting such a robust process. it's one of the values of the president going out in front and definition onsuch this issue. the aggressiveness going to look for for carbon production. i see the states really engaged this issue, carol. and we are going to be very flexible on the implementation of the standard. the question we ask in these better is how
Dec 2, 2013 10:00am EST
. for those few who cannot see in the back, we have a group of people in very bright colored t- shirts in the front row here. which, if you would move your hand, i can read the whole thing. -- no one is going to ask you to tell us what will happen. there is a process and it is important. can you explain the process a little bit? there has been a fair amount of confusion about the process. >> this tells us the keystone pipeline -- the process is where this is a pipeline that crosses the border into canada, it is a process -- project being led by the department of state, who does the environmental impact statement. they have produced an impact statement draft, as well as a revised traffic. epa's role in that is to comment on the environmental impact statement -- >> the comment on the state department draft. >> that is right. and make sure we raise issues related to environmental impacts associated with the project. right now, my understanding is we have been actively engaged with them in responding to those comments and are looking forward to commenting again when we approach the final.
Dec 3, 2013 10:00am EST
. if row like -- if you like your insurance, there's a chance you might can keep your insurance. that won't sell. so we've got to go out and tell what we know is not true so that we can win the next election. oh, yeah, how about that benghazi? let's keep that under wraps. we know that it was an attack al qaeda-affiliated group. of course there may have been some concerns that they used the very weapons that this administration supplied to the al qaeda infused rebels that ay have been turned on our state department personnel, our ambassador and they didn't send anybody to help them. did not send anybody to help them. did not send anybody to help them. we had planes, we had personnel that could have gotten to benghazi and at least save the last two of the four, could have saved a lot of damage, could have saved the classified material being out there for a month or so for anybody who wanted it to get it, could have saved all of that but no one was sent. people want to believe promised that are made by their own government, especially when it pertains to something as important as their own hea
Dec 8, 2013 3:10pm EST
a dynamic row graham, doubt about that. i want to come back to a couple of points in the testimony. of students at your community college or nationally require remedial education? numbern't have that readily available. i do know that i have been told it's a relatively high number. context, some of those students are testing into remedial math and one of the really goodhey were students in high school and by the time they got to grade 10 or 11, they had taken all the math required, so they were taking nothing in grade 12. when they went to do the testing, they were showing they needed a developmental class to take college-level algebra. so there is some context, but it's a high number. >> i just spent some time in southern arizona talking with the officers in charge of the educational system there. they are training soldiers and officers and remediation is a big heart of what a do their. the pell funduch we used for remediation at this point? studentst we do know can take up to 30 credits or the equivalent of her medial courses and i'll grants will pay for it. students are stopping
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)